Are New Year’s Resolutions over yet?

It’s only the 4th of the month and it is already making me crazy! Normally no one comes to the gym on Fridays so it is nice and quiet, but this past one was absolute chaos! Not only was it busy, but one man felt like staying after closing time to just hang out in the locker room and talk on his Bluetooth. Who was the only worker there and had to tell him to leave, you ask? Me. Well this man was taking his jolly old time and decided that he wanted to leave at 9:25 when it is supposed to be closed at 9. There goes my workout that I planned on doing for the night. Now today was no different. Instead of having to work, I was just there to get my sweat on (cheesy I know). There I am working hard on the arc trainer, sweating like a pig and burning 600 calories, when all of a sudden it is a mad dash for the treadmills from all the other members. Well there went my idea to run after my one workout. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for New Year’s resolutions, but how many people actually stick to them the whole year? I know I don’t, sadly, and these people are taking up my space at the gym! (But in all honesty I am not that upset about it. It’s all in good fun) Now for those people out there that are actually going to stick to the gym, I applaud you, but for the ones who already know it’s not going to happen and will give up, leave now! 🙂


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