From the Beginning

While this may be my first time blogging, it is not my first rodeo at having to write long, and sometimes boring opinions. Having a Bachelor’s Degree as an English major from Siena College apparently has its perks, right? The name of my blog may be confusing since I am definitely not a “dame” which for those out there who does not know what it means, it is the female equivalent of a knight. They do dress dashing however, and that is exactly why I am here today. Getting the courage to start blogging from my lovely freshman year roommate, Emily, she inspired me to put my major to good use and go outside of my comfort zone by discussing what I love most. While these posts will mostly be about my fashion choices in lovely Rotterdam, New York, I will also discuss my fitness and love of food from time to time. Because let’s be real, I am a HUGE foodie, and cannot get enough of eating (pathetic I know).

photo credit is given to Emily since I took it from her photos (thanks!)

Speaking of Emily she’s the one on the left and I am of course, on the right. This was taken only minutes before going to our Senior Formal back in 2013. Doesn’t she look stunning?!

All I can tell you about this outfit that I am wearing is that it’s from Macy’s. It was the last one on the rack and a size small. Normally I would never think to try it on because it just looked so tiny, but the dress screamed at me to try it! I was determined to fit into that sucker, and luckily enough, I did!


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