Fashion Slacker

I know what you’re all thinking, “didn’t you say you are focusing on fashion in your blog?” And the only time I discussed fashion was in my first post. I know I am a slacker and all but it is hard when I work 2-10 Monday through Friday where I cannot go anywhere before or after. The only time I ever get to dress any way I want to is on the weekends. Again, sad to say, today I was slacking! I did absolutely nothing except sit on the couch, go to the gym, and go grocery shopping really quick. Can anyone guess what I am doing right now? You’re right, sitting on the couch, drinking some tea, and watching football. The one piece of clothing that was fashionable while I was out for a max time of 2 hours, is the cutest backpack/purse I got for Christmas.




Now even though “Santa” got this for me, I do know that he does some of his shopping for my gifts at Forever 21. Let’s be real, the elves need to make the toys, and he is in the mall anyways so he must’ve stopped when he was on break feeding the reindeer. This backpack is super useful for a person who has a lot of stuff. It allows me to put my workout clothes in it for when I want to work out after my shift ends, and when I went shopping today I was much easier carrying my groceries not having a purse to worry about falling off my shoulder at the same time. I cannot wait to pair this with a cute outfit like a simple top, black pleather leggings, and combat boots. Maybe even a hat will be involved, no one knows. Hopefully, my next post will be a little bit more fashionable and you guys will get some ideas from it! Hope to write back soon…also go Packers (for tomorrow) 🙂


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