Lazy Saturday

Well long time no see fellow readers. I know it has been a while since my last post, but a lot of things came up. I normally don’t talk about my personal life, but last week my cat Oreo, who I’ve had for 18 years passed away. She was such a wonderful pet. When you were sick, she would lay with you all day, and she always seemed to brighten my day when I would come home from school or work. I am lucky to get to keep a piece of her because the vet gave me a piece of her fur, along with her paw print. So last weekend was a kind of blah mood for me and I decided to make a drawing of her.


(It has been a while since I really drew daily so cut me some slack people.)

Luckily, today I actually got to go somewhere, which included the mall, and a college bookstore for a minute. I was taking this opportunity to dress up since it has been a while. Though I kept my jacket on the whole time (it’s freezing outside) I still felt good wearing my outfit.




The top picture is for my hat, which is from Charming Charlie’s (got a great deal on it too!) and the necklace that I got from my mom for Christmas. I was so excited to wear it because I haven’t gotten to wear it yet, and it went perfectly with my top.

Below that is mainly for the top, gloves and bracelet. I must say this too is one of my favorites during the cold months. I got it at Marshall’s last year and it just makes me feel good because of the shape. Love how it flares out at the bottom, and longer in the back. What isn’t shown is that that back has a low “U” shape and shows off my back muscles. Not that I think there are any muscles popping out anytime soon. The fingerless gloves are from Forever 21, and those a staple for my in the wintertime. I wear them basically every day. They always add a touch of edginess in anything I am wearing. The bracelet is from Fancy Shamancy, and so happy I found it when I did. At the time they had a sale because they moved to a new location and I got it at a stellar price. It is my favorite piece of jewelry and you can even catch me wearing it when I am working at the gym!

Finally, the bottom picture is of my jeans and boots. I must say, Forever 21 has great jeans for a low price and my favorite pairs are from there. The color goes with everything because they are dark, but still has color to them. The boots. Oh, those boots! I found them at JustFab and instantly fell in love. They go passed my knees and look great with anything. They are even fur lined so they keep you warm on these cold winter days. The zippers on the outside are just for show, and I’m the insides they have actual working ones. Learned that the hard way when I almost broke the outside ones. Oops!

Well now since I may have bored you with my outfit choices, hope all of you have a great weekend and celebrate the Super Bowl like I plan to. Eat tons of food and drink lots of beer. Can anyone say long gym session tomorrow?? I know I’ll be there!


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