Supermarket Sweep

Hello everyone!

I know what you are thinking, “Kelsey where have you been?!?!” Well that’s a good question, because I don’t really even know the answer to that! It has been a long year since posting last and hopefully I do not disappoint with my newest food adventure.

Today, after a drab lunch of just plain vegetables and dressing (woohoo! 🙄), I decided that dinner was going to be out of the box! Searching Pinterest like a mad woman that I am, I finally decided I wanted zucchini. But what? There’s pasta, tots, fries, the list goes on. I found something to satisfy my Chinese take-out craving and settled for Zucchini Noodle Lo Mein with Chicken!

First thing that had to be done was the shopping. If anyone knows me, they know I can spend hours on end searching the aisles for new items to try, and that’s just what I did. I had most of the ingredients already but needed to find ginger (which go figure, being one myself, I do not enjoy), oyster sauce, and scallions. Not bad…until I saw it. Dragonfruit. Finally, the Instagram posts I envied were coming to life and I starting imagining what I was going to make…

A pitaya bowl, of course!

Ok, so I strayed a little away from my dinner plan just now, but how can you not love those gorgeous posts that are sweeping the scenes of vibrant pink and colorful fruits?! Anyways…with the time and effort I took to make the zucchini lomein, it came out absolutely delicious! Believe me, there was a lot of prepping of ingredients for this recipe but it was fine since it turned out great. Thanks 

For your viewing pleasure I did take a photo of my dinner.

Now the time has come…the pitaya bowl 😋! Just the look of the dragonfruit was jaw dropping to me, take a look for yourself 👇🏻

I cannot believe the beauty honestly. My mouth was watering as soon as I cut it ope, and I can only imagine my eyes were bulging out of my sockets.

I started scouring Pinterest once more for the recipe that was simple and where I had all the ingredients. Finding one that required the dragonfruit (cut into cubes and frozen on my own), a banana (I froze it also), a little bit of almond milk, and a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter because I did not have cashew butter. You probably are thinking “Peanut butter?! With a nice, light fruit like that? Are you mad?” Well I thought so at first, but soon realized that it is so subtle that you really don’t taste the peanut butter, surprisingly. I topped it with chia seeds a, blueberries, and strawberries that went perfect with the flavor from the smoothie bowl. 

I quickly realized that even though I paid 5.99 for ONE dragonfruit, I made the best decision. I cannot wait to get it again and try a different, more adventurous recipe. It was as magical as it looks on everyone else’s Instagrams, and don’t you worry, I will be adding the typical foodie pitaya bowl to mine soon.😉

Below are the recipes for both of my meals. Hope you enjoy!! 

Chicken Zoodle “Lo Mein” For Two

Pitaya Smoothie Bowl


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