Supermarket Sweep

Hello everyone!

I know what you are thinking, “Kelsey where have you been?!?!” Well that’s a good question, because I don’t really even know the answer to that! It has been a long year since posting last and hopefully I do not disappoint with my newest food adventure.

Today, after a drab lunch of just plain vegetables and dressing (woohoo! 🙄), I decided that dinner was going to be out of the box! Searching Pinterest like a mad woman that I am, I finally decided I wanted zucchini. But what? There’s pasta, tots, fries, the list goes on. I found something to satisfy my Chinese take-out craving and settled for Zucchini Noodle Lo Mein with Chicken!

First thing that had to be done was the shopping. If anyone knows me, they know I can spend hours on end searching the aisles for new items to try, and that’s just what I did. I had most of the ingredients already but needed to find ginger (which go figure, being one myself, I do not enjoy), oyster sauce, and scallions. Not bad…until I saw it. Dragonfruit. Finally, the Instagram posts I envied were coming to life and I starting imagining what I was going to make…

A pitaya bowl, of course!

Ok, so I strayed a little away from my dinner plan just now, but how can you not love those gorgeous posts that are sweeping the scenes of vibrant pink and colorful fruits?! Anyways…with the time and effort I took to make the zucchini lomein, it came out absolutely delicious! Believe me, there was a lot of prepping of ingredients for this recipe but it was fine since it turned out great. Thanks 

For your viewing pleasure I did take a photo of my dinner.

Now the time has come…the pitaya bowl 😋! Just the look of the dragonfruit was jaw dropping to me, take a look for yourself 👇🏻

I cannot believe the beauty honestly. My mouth was watering as soon as I cut it ope, and I can only imagine my eyes were bulging out of my sockets.

I started scouring Pinterest once more for the recipe that was simple and where I had all the ingredients. Finding one that required the dragonfruit (cut into cubes and frozen on my own), a banana (I froze it also), a little bit of almond milk, and a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter because I did not have cashew butter. You probably are thinking “Peanut butter?! With a nice, light fruit like that? Are you mad?” Well I thought so at first, but soon realized that it is so subtle that you really don’t taste the peanut butter, surprisingly. I topped it with chia seeds a, blueberries, and strawberries that went perfect with the flavor from the smoothie bowl. 

I quickly realized that even though I paid 5.99 for ONE dragonfruit, I made the best decision. I cannot wait to get it again and try a different, more adventurous recipe. It was as magical as it looks on everyone else’s Instagrams, and don’t you worry, I will be adding the typical foodie pitaya bowl to mine soon.😉

Below are the recipes for both of my meals. Hope you enjoy!! 

Chicken Zoodle “Lo Mein” For Two

Pitaya Smoothie Bowl


Being A Typical “Granola”

     Many moons ago, when I was still in my prime days at Siena, my best bud, Kristin, introduced me to the name granola. Yes, I know what you are thinking…”Seriously Kelsey, you don’t know what granola means?” Why yes, I do actually, but that crazy concoction with oats, honey, and many different ingredients is not the term I am going for. What Kristin told me was that a granola is also another word for hippie. Now if you know me, you know that I immediately fell in love with that nickname and used it nonstop (and may or may not still use it to this day to sometimes describe my boyfriend).

     From that day on she opened my eyes to kale chips, Trader Joe’s, and of course, blueberry juice! When Kristin made different snacks in college, it made me want to cook and bake more than I already did. Believe me, all I knew how to make were eggs, only scrambled, and salads. I even thought I knew how to make stovetop popcorn, until that dreadful day where I attempted to make it and put the stove on top high. Well needless to say, there was smoke everywhere with the windows open and I threw the popcorn, still in the pot, out on the stoop. Oh it was a riot! But anyways, let’s get back on topic shall we. Oh yes, cooking. As the year went on and I had to move back home. I finally tried to start making food for myself and *gasp* use the stove. I made many weird concoctions and they were delicious, but today I think I have found my favorite recipe by far…

     Granola. See how I made this full circle people? I’m a lot more clever than you think! This is the first time I have ever made granola and I got the idea from Food Networks The Kitchen. It was just a basic recipe that Jeff Mauro showed, and it sparked my interest. The next few days was my research period, where I looked up tons of different recipes on my lunch break. Today, I finally found a keeper which involved my favorite things. Oats, coconut oil, honey, and cinnamon, how could you go wrong?

 This was taken before it was actually cooled down so it may not look as yummy as I am making it sound.

      Here’s the after photo, where it was cooled down and made the perfect amount of clusters. I had to put it away or I would have eaten the whole bowl.
The recipe consists of:

3 cups of rolled oats (aka old fashioned oats)2 tablespoons packed brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/3 cup honey or maple syrup (I used honey)

1/4 cup of coconut oil or any kind you want

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/2 cup raisins or any dried fruit

You can even add slices almonds, sunflower seeds, or any add-ins you would like. I’m just picky and like the basics.

Preheat the oven to 300F. In a bowl mix the dry ingredients together and in a separate bowl, do the same for the wet ingredients. When using coconut oil, it may be a solid or liquid and you can either heat it up first to melt it, or the warmth from hands when mixing will do it for you (I went the messy route). Now add both the dry and wet together, leaving out the dried fruits until the end. Put the mixture in a single layer on a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake for 20 minutes. Then you have to add the dried fruits and bake for another 10 minutes. Being the pain that I am, I did 11 minutes because I didn’t think it would harden. When it is done, let it cool and then you can break it up. To store, put it in an air tight container and will be good for 2 weeks. Needless to say, mine won’t last that long and it makes enough for about 12 servings.

     The reason I really liked this recipe was because it adds a hint of coconut without being overpowering. Also, I didn’t want to get too crazy with my first try at granola. My real goal was to make peanut butter granola because let’s be real, who doesn’t love peanut butter? It is already planned for my lunch tomorrow with the granola! Since I am a big girl now, I actually have to make lunch ahead of time and came up with the idea of a wrap with bananas, peanut butter, MY homemade granola, and chocolate chips. Being a granola isn’t so bad and I am happy to call myself a half-granola since I still eat bad at times…whoops! Hope you all enjoy this recipe and attempt to make it your own, I know I will next time.

Peace out,

K. Capp

Lazy Saturday

Well long time no see fellow readers. I know it has been a while since my last post, but a lot of things came up. I normally don’t talk about my personal life, but last week my cat Oreo, who I’ve had for 18 years passed away. She was such a wonderful pet. When you were sick, she would lay with you all day, and she always seemed to brighten my day when I would come home from school or work. I am lucky to get to keep a piece of her because the vet gave me a piece of her fur, along with her paw print. So last weekend was a kind of blah mood for me and I decided to make a drawing of her.


(It has been a while since I really drew daily so cut me some slack people.)

Luckily, today I actually got to go somewhere, which included the mall, and a college bookstore for a minute. I was taking this opportunity to dress up since it has been a while. Though I kept my jacket on the whole time (it’s freezing outside) I still felt good wearing my outfit.




The top picture is for my hat, which is from Charming Charlie’s (got a great deal on it too!) and the necklace that I got from my mom for Christmas. I was so excited to wear it because I haven’t gotten to wear it yet, and it went perfectly with my top.

Below that is mainly for the top, gloves and bracelet. I must say this too is one of my favorites during the cold months. I got it at Marshall’s last year and it just makes me feel good because of the shape. Love how it flares out at the bottom, and longer in the back. What isn’t shown is that that back has a low “U” shape and shows off my back muscles. Not that I think there are any muscles popping out anytime soon. The fingerless gloves are from Forever 21, and those a staple for my in the wintertime. I wear them basically every day. They always add a touch of edginess in anything I am wearing. The bracelet is from Fancy Shamancy, and so happy I found it when I did. At the time they had a sale because they moved to a new location and I got it at a stellar price. It is my favorite piece of jewelry and you can even catch me wearing it when I am working at the gym!

Finally, the bottom picture is of my jeans and boots. I must say, Forever 21 has great jeans for a low price and my favorite pairs are from there. The color goes with everything because they are dark, but still has color to them. The boots. Oh, those boots! I found them at JustFab and instantly fell in love. They go passed my knees and look great with anything. They are even fur lined so they keep you warm on these cold winter days. The zippers on the outside are just for show, and I’m the insides they have actual working ones. Learned that the hard way when I almost broke the outside ones. Oops!

Well now since I may have bored you with my outfit choices, hope all of you have a great weekend and celebrate the Super Bowl like I plan to. Eat tons of food and drink lots of beer. Can anyone say long gym session tomorrow?? I know I’ll be there!

Fashion Slacker

I know what you’re all thinking, “didn’t you say you are focusing on fashion in your blog?” And the only time I discussed fashion was in my first post. I know I am a slacker and all but it is hard when I work 2-10 Monday through Friday where I cannot go anywhere before or after. The only time I ever get to dress any way I want to is on the weekends. Again, sad to say, today I was slacking! I did absolutely nothing except sit on the couch, go to the gym, and go grocery shopping really quick. Can anyone guess what I am doing right now? You’re right, sitting on the couch, drinking some tea, and watching football. The one piece of clothing that was fashionable while I was out for a max time of 2 hours, is the cutest backpack/purse I got for Christmas.




Now even though “Santa” got this for me, I do know that he does some of his shopping for my gifts at Forever 21. Let’s be real, the elves need to make the toys, and he is in the mall anyways so he must’ve stopped when he was on break feeding the reindeer. This backpack is super useful for a person who has a lot of stuff. It allows me to put my workout clothes in it for when I want to work out after my shift ends, and when I went shopping today I was much easier carrying my groceries not having a purse to worry about falling off my shoulder at the same time. I cannot wait to pair this with a cute outfit like a simple top, black pleather leggings, and combat boots. Maybe even a hat will be involved, no one knows. Hopefully, my next post will be a little bit more fashionable and you guys will get some ideas from it! Hope to write back soon…also go Packers (for tomorrow) 🙂

New Year, New Week to Eating Healthier

Since my days consist of no fashion sense whatsoever because I have a boring gym uniform, I figured I would talk about my health goals for the week…umm day? Of course you have to start with the almighty breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day, after all! Well this morning I decided to have my overnight oats that I made a couple days ago (it does last a couple days in the fridge). What does such a thing look like you ask? Well here it is:


Now I understand it may not look like the most appetizing thing to eat, but it actually is really delicious! With 1/3 of a cup of oats, some Greek yogurt for the thickening, a 1/3 cup of almond milk, 1 1/2 tablespoons of chia seeds, a dash of cinnamon, and some maple syrup it is a breakfast of champs. Also for added bonus there are those wonderful blueberries. It really helped that I used frozen blueberries and by the time I woke up, ready to chow down, they were all unfrozen. Because of this wonderful and filling meal, I was able to do my workout at home instead of waiting until 10 o’clock at night (like I usually do)! Thank god for the kettlebell I received for Christmas. It really is an awesome workout. Let me tell you, those kettlebell swings are no joke! Also, since I normally wear nice workout clothes, today was a little different since I was in the privacy of my own home. No way will I upload a picture of myself dressed the way I was today. 🙂

Well now that breakfast was down the drain and lunchtime creeped, I thought I would make a lovely smoothie and some eggs with cottage cheese. Now I know that sounds disgusting, but upon research and numerous attempts, it os actually pretty tasty.


I know what you’re thinking. That is looks horrendous and no way that can be good for you. But think again because all it is is mango, almond milk, spinach, and strawberries. Who would’ve thought? I really wanted to make it look fancy by layering each flavor, but that quickly failed and I just mixed them all together.

Finally the lovely dinner. Since I don’t get a normal break and have to eat a small meal, I made Greek yogurt to taste like cookie dough. With a tablespoon of peanut butter, vanilla extract, and some cinnamon you could swear it was ready to be popped in the oven! Don’t believe me?! Check it out for yourself.


Now doesn’t that look yummy?! So proud of my first day back to eating healthy and not caving like I normally would. Thank god for no more sweets and fattening food that is the main reason for holidays. Hope everyone sticks to their goals…even though yesterday I wanted some of you to quit already 🙂 Like I said, all in good fun!

Are New Year’s Resolutions over yet?

It’s only the 4th of the month and it is already making me crazy! Normally no one comes to the gym on Fridays so it is nice and quiet, but this past one was absolute chaos! Not only was it busy, but one man felt like staying after closing time to just hang out in the locker room and talk on his Bluetooth. Who was the only worker there and had to tell him to leave, you ask? Me. Well this man was taking his jolly old time and decided that he wanted to leave at 9:25 when it is supposed to be closed at 9. There goes my workout that I planned on doing for the night. Now today was no different. Instead of having to work, I was just there to get my sweat on (cheesy I know). There I am working hard on the arc trainer, sweating like a pig and burning 600 calories, when all of a sudden it is a mad dash for the treadmills from all the other members. Well there went my idea to run after my one workout. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for New Year’s resolutions, but how many people actually stick to them the whole year? I know I don’t, sadly, and these people are taking up my space at the gym! (But in all honesty I am not that upset about it. It’s all in good fun) Now for those people out there that are actually going to stick to the gym, I applaud you, but for the ones who already know it’s not going to happen and will give up, leave now! 🙂

From the Beginning

While this may be my first time blogging, it is not my first rodeo at having to write long, and sometimes boring opinions. Having a Bachelor’s Degree as an English major from Siena College apparently has its perks, right? The name of my blog may be confusing since I am definitely not a “dame” which for those out there who does not know what it means, it is the female equivalent of a knight. They do dress dashing however, and that is exactly why I am here today. Getting the courage to start blogging from my lovely freshman year roommate, Emily, she inspired me to put my major to good use and go outside of my comfort zone by discussing what I love most. While these posts will mostly be about my fashion choices in lovely Rotterdam, New York, I will also discuss my fitness and love of food from time to time. Because let’s be real, I am a HUGE foodie, and cannot get enough of eating (pathetic I know).

photo credit is given to Emily since I took it from her photos (thanks!)

Speaking of Emily she’s the one on the left and I am of course, on the right. This was taken only minutes before going to our Senior Formal back in 2013. Doesn’t she look stunning?!

All I can tell you about this outfit that I am wearing is that it’s from Macy’s. It was the last one on the rack and a size small. Normally I would never think to try it on because it just looked so tiny, but the dress screamed at me to try it! I was determined to fit into that sucker, and luckily enough, I did!